Student’s High School Name, City, and State


This is question 27 on the paper FAFSA.

Enter the name, city, and state of the high school where you received or will receive your high school diploma.

Select Foreign Country from the “In what state is your high school located?” dropdown box if you received a foreign school diploma that is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.

Enter as much information as possible to receive the most relevant search results. For the high school name and city, you may enter the full name or commonly accepted abbreviations or aliases. For example, you can enter “Kennedy HS” for Kennedy High School, or “St. Paul” for Saint Paul.

Click Confirm to continue and we will search for high schools that match the information you provided. You can then select the correct high school from the search results. If you do not find a matching high school in the search results, click Next to continue.

If the high school name, city, and state combination that you entered does not match any schools in our database, then double-check the spelling of the city and/or school name, and try your search again.

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