Parent 1 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) Social Security Number


This is question 61 on the FAFSA.

The response represents the Social Security Number (SSN) of the parent for whom the student has reported income information on the FAFSA. If the student's parent does not have an SSN, the response is all zeros.

The student's parent’s SSN and last name must match the number and name on the Social Security card. For assistance updating the information on a Social Security card, the parent should call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or visit the Social Security Administration's Web site at

If the parent’s SSN successfully passes the Social Security Administration Match, then the student and/or parents will only see the final 4 digits of the parent’s SSN. An FAA will always see the complete SSN.

If the student is Dependent, the SSN of at least one parent must be provided.

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