Citizens of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau


If the student is a resident of the freely associated states (State of Legal Residence is FM, MH, or PW) and does not have a Social Security Number, AND this is an initial FAFSA, enter 666 in the first three positions of the SSN field. Leave the remaining six positions blank. After calculating the EFC, our system will assign an SSN with the last 6 digits. If this is a Renewal application, Correction, or if the student has already been assigned an SSN, enter the complete 666 SSN that was previously assigned to this student. If the student has a complete 888 SSN assigned, then replace 888 with 666 and the assigned last 6 digits.

The pseudo SSN will remain with the student for the duration of their financial aid years, so make sure it’s written down and kept in a safe location. The assigned pseudo SSN will display on the “FAFSA Summary” page, the “Print a Copy of the Application Information” page, and the “Submission Confirmation Page” in FAA Access.

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