Restoring an Application


If you provided a Transaction Password before you began entering an application and then saved the application in our database, you can retrieve the saved application and continue working from where you left off.

To restore the application, select the FAFSA/Renewal Application link under Restore a Saved Application on the FAA Main Menu. Enter the student's Social Security Number, last name, first name, date of birth, and the Transaction Password you used to save the application so that we can search for it in our database.

If you try to restore an application and receive an "Application Not Found" page, you should try again after 45 minutes have passed, after which time you should be able to restore the saved application.

Remember that saved applications are only stored in our database for 45 days after the date saved. Saved applications are erased after 45 days or after the federal application/correction deadline date.

If the application is not found in our database, select the Try Again link on the “Application Not Found” page and re-enter the student’s identifying information and the Transaction Password. If the information is correct and we do not find an application for the student in our database, you must start a new application.

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