Application Flags


This section of the FAA Information shows any flags on a particular student's record and the results of all matches conducted. You can find detailed information about the flags and their resolutions in the ISIR Guide (obtainable in printable form from the Web site), as well as flag-specific help text on this Web site.

SAR C Flag
SAR C Change Flag
Application Source
Application Type
Electronic Transaction Indicator
Processed Record Type
Verification Flag
Verification Tracking Flag
Dependency Status
Special Circumstances
Dependency Override
Professional Judgment
Reprocessing Code
Rejects Met
Application Receipt Date
Transaction Receipt Date
Corrections Made to Address Only
Federal School Code Indicator
Compute Number
Source of Correction
Correction Applied Against Transaction Number
Duplicate SSN Indicator
Student Last Name/SSN Change Flag
Verification Selection Change Flag
Reject Status Change Flag
CPS Pushed ISIR Flag
Graduate Flag
Reject Override
Assumption Override

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