Match Flags


These flags indicate the results of various matches conducted by the CPS with other agencies. These results can determine whether or not a student receives federal aid. These flags can also help you determine what a particular “C” code or reject is for.

A more detailed explanation of the meanings of the various match flags, their accompanying comment codes, and what resolutions, if any, are needed, is located in the ISIR Guide for the appropriate award year.

SSN Match Flag
Parent 1 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) SSN Match Flag
Parent 2 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) SSN Match Flag
SSA Citizenship Code
DHS Match Flag
DHS Secondary Confirmation Flag
DHS Verification #
NSLDS Match Flag
NSLDS Database Results Flag
NSLDS Post-screening Reasons
NSLDS Unusual Enrollment History Flag
NSLDS Transaction Number
Subsidized Usage Limit Applies Flag
Subsidized Usage Period
Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used
Pell Lifetime Limit Flag
Selective Service Registration Flag
Selective Service Match
VA Match Flag
Department of Defense Match Flag
Department of Defense Date of Death
High School Flag

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