Student's Permanent Mailing Address, Student's Permanent City, Student's Permanent State, Student's Permanent ZIP Code


These are questions 4-7 on the FAFSA.

The response identifies the street number and street name, city, state, and ZIP code of the student's permanent mailing address. All postal mail regarding the student's financial aid application will be sent to this address.

The entry must contain only letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), periods (.), commas (,), apostrophes ('), dashes (-), number symbols (#), at symbols (@), percent symbols (%), ampersands (&), slashes (/), or blanks (spaces). No other characters are allowed.

Student’s Permanent City, Student’s Permanent State, and Student’s Permanent ZIP Code cannot be left blank. If the student's mailing state is a foreign country (Foreign Country, Canadian Province, Mexico, or blank), then the ZIP code must be 00000.

For information on foreign addresses, see Mailing Address Outside of the U.S.

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