Student’s Marital Status


This is question 16 on the FAFSA.

The response describes the student’s marital status as of the date the FAFSA was completed.

The student's marital status should not be projected in the future.

"Married or remarried" does not mean living together unless the student's state of legal residence recognizes the relationship as a common law marriage.

For FAFSA purposes, a married couple is separated if the couple is considered legally separated by a state, or if the couple is legally married but has chosen to live separate lives, including living in separate households, as though they were not married. If the student and the student’s spouse are separated but living together, select “I am married / remarried,” not “I am separated.”

Note: When two married persons live as a married couple but are separated by physical distance (or have separate households), they are considered married for FAFSA purposes.

The response cannot be blank.

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