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Student’s Last Name, Student’s First Name, Student’s Middle Initial

Student’s Social Security Number

Student’s Date of Birth

Student’s Permanent Mailing Address, Student’s Permanent City, Student’s Permanent State, Student’s Permanent ZIP Code

Student’s Telephone Number

Student’s E-mail Address

Student’s Citizenship Status

Student’s Alien Registration Number

Is the Student Male or Female?

Register Student with Selective Service System?

Student Born Before January 1, 1995?

Parents Deceased?/Student Ward of Court?/In Foster Care?

Is Student on Active Duty in U.S. Armed Forces?

Is Student a Veteran?

Is or Was Student an Emancipated Minor?

Is or Was Student in Legal Guardianship?

Is Student an Unaccompanied Homeless Youth as Determined by High School/Homeless Liaison?

Is Student an Unaccompanied Homeless Youth as Determined by HUD?

Is Student an Unaccompanied Homeless Youth as Determined by Director of Homeless Youth Center?

Student’s State of Legal Residence

Was Student a Legal Resident Before January 1, 2013?

Student’s Legal Residence Date

Student’s Driver’s License Number

Student’s Driver’s License State

Is Student Married?

Student’s Marital Status

Student’s Marital Status Date

Does Student Have Children He/She Supports?

Does Student Have Dependents Other than Children/Spouse?

Student’s Number of Family Members in 2018-2019

Student’s Number in College in 2018-2019

Student Received Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income?

Student Received SNAP?

Student Received Free/Reduced Price Lunch?

Student Received TANF?

Student Received WIC?

Is Student or Spouse a Dislocated Worker?

High School or Equivalent Completed?

Student’s High School Name

Student’s High School City

Student’s High School State

Student’s High School Code

Type of Degree/Certificate

Student’s Grade Level in College in 2018-2019

First Bachelor’s Degree Before 2018-2019 School Year?

Working on Master’s or Doctorate in 2018-2019?

Interested in Work-study?

Drug Conviction Affecting Eligibility?

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“@” Corrected on a Previous Transaction Image

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