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Parent 1 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) Social Security Number

Parent 1 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) Last Name

Parent 1 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) First Name Initial

Parent 1 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) Date of Birth

Parent 2 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) Social Security Number

Parent 2 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) Last Name

Parent 2 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) First Name Initial

Parent 2 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) Date of Birth

Parents’ E-mail Address

Parents’ State of Legal Residence

Were Parents Legal Residents Before January 1, 2013?

Parents’ Legal Residence Date

Parents’ Marital Status

Parents’ Marital Status Date

Parents’ Number of Family Members in 2018-2019

Parents’ Number in College in 2018-2019 (Parents Excluded)

Parents Received Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income?

Parents Received SNAP?

Parents Received Free/Reduced Price Lunch?

Parents Received TANF?

Parents Received WIC?

Is Parent a Dislocated Worker?

Parent 1 Educational Level

Parent 2 Educational Level

Parents Filed 2016 Income Tax Return?

How to Answer the “Parents Filed 2016 Income Tax Return?” Question when Parents Did Not File a Joint Federal Tax Return

Parents’ Type of 2016 Tax Form Used

How to Answer the “Parents’ Type of 2016 Tax Form Used” Question when Parents Did Not File a Joint Federal Tax Return

Parents’ 2016 Tax Return Filing Status

Parents’ Eligible to File a 1040A or 1040EZ?

Parents’ 2016 Adjusted Gross Income

Parents’ 2016 U.S. Income Tax Paid

Parents’ 2016 Exemptions Claimed

Parent 1 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) 2016 Income Earned from Work

Parent 2 (Father’s/Mother’s/Stepparent’s) 2016 Income Earned from Work

Parents’ Education Credits

Parents’ Child Support Paid

Parents’ Taxable Earnings from Need-Based Employment Programs

Parents’ College Grant and Scholarship Aid Reported to IRS as Income

Parents’ Taxable Combat Pay Reported in AGI

Parents’ Cooperative Education Earnings

Parents’ Payments to Tax-Deferred Pensions & Retirement Savings

Parents’ Deductible Payments to IRA/Keogh/Other

Parents’ Child Support Received

Parents’ Tax Exempt Interest Income

Parents’ Untaxed Portions of IRA Distributions

Parents’ Untaxed Portions of Pensions

Parents’ Housing, Food, & Living Allowances

Parents’ Veterans Noneducation Benefits

Parents’ Other Untaxed Income or Benefits

Parents’ Total Assets Exceed Amount Listed?

Parents’ Total of Cash, Savings, and Checking Accounts

Parents’ Net Worth of Current Investments

Parents’ Net Worth of Businesses/Investment Farms

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“@” Corrected on a Previous Transaction Image

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