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Instructions are provided for each FAFSA question in the Help and Hints section on the right side of the page. When additional instructions are available, Help and Hints will include a “More” hyperlink.

To access Help and Hints:

You can also use your keyboard’s tab key to move from field to field. The Help and Hints will change as you move from one FAFSA question to another.

If you cannot access the Help and Hints, use the Search function in the upper right-hand corner of the page to find specific information for each question. For example, if you need to know where to find the adjusted gross income on your tax return, type “adjusted gross income” without the quotes into the Search box.

If you review the help provided and still have questions about the FAFSA, you can view additional help options by clicking Help at the top of any page.

The following help topics relate to questions that may be asked on the “Student Demographics” page. Not all questions display for all students.

Your last name

Your first name

Your middle initial

Your date of birth

Are you male or female?

Your permanent mailing address

Your city

Your state

Your ZIP code

Have you lived in your state for at least 5 years?

What is your state of legal residence?

Did you become a legal resident of your state before January 1, 2013?

Month and year you became a legal resident

Your telephone number

Your e-mail address

Re-enter your e-mail address

What is your marital status?

Month and year you were married, separated, divorced, or widowed

Do you have driver's license information that you want to provide?

Your driver's license number

Your driver's license state

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