What was the total of your parents’ other untaxed income or benefits?


This is question 94i on the paper FAFSA.

Enter the total amount of any other untaxed income or benefits, such as workers compensation, Black Lung Benefits, untaxed portions of Railroad Retirement Benefits, disability benefits, etc. that your parents received in 2016. Also include the untaxed portions of health savings accounts from IRS Form 1040 - line 25.

Do not include extended foster care benefits, student aid, earned income credit, child tax credit, welfare payments, untaxed Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act educational benefits, on-base military housing or military housing allowance, combat pay, benefits from flexible spending arrangements (e.g., cafeteria plans), foreign income exclusion or credit for federal tax on special fuels.

Round to the nearest dollar and do not include commas or decimal points.

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