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  • How can I avoid problems with my FSA ID?

    First, only the owner of an FSA ID should create or use their own FSA ID.

    The FSA ID serves as a legal signature and should not be shared with anyone, including family, school personnel, loan servicers, or contact center agents.

    By creating your own FSA ID, you’re more likely to remember your username, password, and the answers to your challenge questions. Without these, you can lose access to your account and be unable to log in to Federal Student Aid Web sites.

    An e-mail address cannot be used with more than one FSA ID. If you forget your username or password, you can request that a secure code be e-mailed to you to allow you to reset your username or password. For security reasons, you don’t want that code being sent to someone else. So, as you can see, you’ll need access to your (and only your) FSA ID and associated e-mail address.

  • I’m a student. How can I fill out a FAFSA if I can’t use my parent’s FSA ID?

    You and your parents can fill out the FAFSA together, even if you are not in the same location.

    One of you can start the FAFSA at Click Start A New FAFSA. If you are starting the FAFSA, enter your FSA ID on the left. See below for more information about creating and using an FSA ID. If your parent is starting the FAFSA, he or she should enter your name, Social Security number and date of birth on the right.

    Whoever is starting the FAFSA will be prompted to create a “Save Key.” The save key is a short, temporary password you and your parent can share to be able to fill out a FAFSA when you are not in the same location.

    Fill out your sections of the FAFSA, enter your FSA ID in the student section of the “Sign and Submit” page, and then save and close it. Tell the “Save Key” to your parent. He or she can use your information and the save key to log in to the FAFSA you started and complete the parental sections. Your parent will enter his or her own FSA ID in the parent signature area of the “Sign and Submit” page.

    Whoever signs last should click the SUBMIT MY FAFSA NOW button at the bottom of the “Sign and Submit” page. Your FAFSA is not submitted until you reach the “Confirmation” Page, which you should save for your records. Your application will take 3-5 days to process, and will be made available to the schools you listed on your FAFSA one business day after that.

    It is very important that you and your parent create and use your own FSA IDs. The FSA ID acts as a legal signature and should not be shared. Letting someone else create your FSA ID is not allowed and can create problems and delays with your financial aid. For more information or to create your own FSA ID, go to

    If your parent does not have a Social Security number, he or she will not be able to get an FSA ID. In that case your parent will print, sign and mail in a paper signature page.

  • What happened to the PIN? What is this FSA ID, and will I need it to complete the FAFSA?

    The FSA ID allows students and parents to identify themselves electronically to access Federal Student Aid Web sites. The FSA ID, which consists of a user-created username and password, replaced the PIN effective May 2015. It allows users to electronically access personal information on Federal Student Aid Web sites as well as electronically sign a FAFSA.

    While you are not required to have an FSA ID to complete and submit a FAFSA on the Web application, it is the fastest way to sign your application and have it processed. It is also the only way to access or correct your information online, or to pre-fill a FAFSA on the Web application with information from your previous year’s FAFSA.

    If you do not already have an FSA ID, you can create an FSA ID.

    If you have an FSA ID but do not remember your username, click Forgot Username.

    If you have an FSA ID but do not remember your password, click Forgot Password.

    Note: The password must be between 8 to 30 characters long. You can use any combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and / or special characters.

  • Can I use my new FSA ID right away?

    You can use your new FSA ID immediately to complete, sign and submit a new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®).

    To start a Renewal FAFSA or make corrections to an existing FAFSA (including adding a school or accessing the IRS Data Retrieval Tool), your information (name, Social Security Number and date of birth) will need to be confirmed with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

    If you linked a PIN when you created your FSA ID, your SSA confirmation was carried forward to your FSA ID and you will be able to use it for all tasks right away.

    If you did not link a PIN when you created your FSA ID, we will confirm your FSA ID information with SSA. This takes one to three days, and you will receive an e-mail when this is complete. Once SSA confirms your information, you will be able to use your FSA ID for all FAFSA tasks as well as with other Federal Student Aid Web sites such as,, and

  • What if I (or my parents) haven’t completed taxes yet?

    If you or your parents have not completed your taxes yet, you can estimate your income and other tax return information, and then correct your application after you have filed your taxes.

    When estimating your tax return information, you should indicate that you will file your taxes. If your 2015 income is similar to your 2014 income, use your 2014 tax return to provide estimates for questions about your income. If your income is not similar, use the Income Estimator for assistance estimating your adjusted gross income, and answer the remaining questions about your income to the best of your ability.

    You must return to update the estimates you provided with your 2015 tax return information once you file. To update your estimates, click Make FAFSA Corrections after logging in to FAFSA on the Web. Navigate to the “Finances” section and indicate that you have already completed your taxes. If your tax return information is available and if you are eligible to do so, you should use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your tax return information into your application.

    Note: To finish, you must sign and submit this application and receive a confirmation page.

  • How do I unlock my FSA ID?

    There are two ways to unlock your FSA ID. You can either use your e-mail or answer some of your challenge questions.

    To start:

    1. Go to the Edit My FSA ID tab.
    2. Log in using your username and password. You will receive the message, "Your FSA ID is locked. To unlock it, use one of the following options." Select one of the two options.

    Option 1: E-mail

    1. Click the E-MAIL button. You will be taken to a page that says "Unlock Your FSA ID - Using Email." A secure code will be sent to the e-mail address that's on record with your FSA ID.
    2. Open your e-mail in a different browser tab or window or from another device. Do not close the FSA ID Web page while accessing your e-mail.
    3. Once you receive the e-mail, enter the secure code on the FSA ID page in the box that says "Secure Code." The secure code expires after 10 minutes.
    4. Click on the SUBMIT button. Your account is unlocked and you will be taken to a page to change your password.
    5. Follow the instructions to create a new password.

    Option 2: Challenge Questions

    1. Click the CHALLENGE QUESTIONS button. You will be taken to a page that says "Unlock Your FSA ID - Using Challenge Questions."
    2. Answer three of your five challenge questions shown on the screen. Your answers must match the ones you entered when creating your account. The answers are not case sensitive.
    3. Click on the Verify button. If you answered your challenge questions correctly, your account is unlocked and you will be taken to a page to change your password.
    4. Follow the instructions to create a new password.

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