Return of Title IV Funds on the Web calculates the post-withdrawal disbursement amount to offer the student (Box E). This occurs when the amount in Box D (amount of Title IV aid the student earned) is greater than Box A (total Title IV aid disbursed). When a post-withdrawal disbursement is due, no other fields on the R2T4 tab are calculated.

If you choose, you can use the post-withdrawal tracking sheet. The Post-Withdrawal tab is available when at least one record has been saved on the R2T4 tab.

For detailed information and updates regarding related federal regulations, review the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Handbook, which is available on the Department's Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) Web site at

Note: The Return of Title IV Funds Web site uses different worksheets to perform calculations for R2T4 and Post-Withdrawal Disbursement student records, depending on the student’s withdrawal date. Different fields will appear, and different calculations may be made, depending on the worksheet version you are using. Note the following guidelines:


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